Going Home



You are never “too old” to go home.


 I have a nasty parasite that was resistant to the first drug that my doctor prescribed.  So I am taking Flagyl, a drug so strong you can not drink alcohol for 48 hours after stopping treatment.  On the trip home from Port-au-Prince to Miami to Charlotte I picked up a cold to top it all off.


 So I arrived in Charlotte with a runny tummy, a runny nose, and a cranky disposition.  But I am home.  My sister made me ginger lemon tea with honey.  She told me to sleep in.  I am now staying at my Mom’s house.  She made a special trip to the drug store to buy me Thera-flu, cold medicine from the gods.  She made me home made chicken soup.  She told me to nap.  I did.


 Home just makes me feel good  – the clean sheets, fluffy towels, the views of the lake and the quiet.  Ahhhh…. The quiet.  I was able to nap yesterday – twice.  You see, napping during the day is really hard for me to do in Haiti.  There are chickens and dogs and diesel trucks on the road near my apartment and the never ending mix of Kompas music and sometimes even the mad preacher with the megaphone.  But not here at Lake Wylie – only silence.  Silence which beckons you to nap in the middle of the day.


 And then there is the love.  There is the genuine concern when my Mom asks my Stepdad and I “How did you sleep?”  There is the love for the dog and the cat and just lots of love to go around in general.  There are the photos of our family everywhere you look.  My Haitian art hangs on the walls.


 Sometimes I like to think that I am an independent and strong woman, living on her own in Haiti.  But my recent bout with a parasite and a cold has reminded me that no matter how old I am, it is nice to be taken care of.  It is nice to have my mom and sister look out for me – make me tea and chicken soup and give me permission to take a nap.


 In our society, we value independence and strength.  We do no like to “need” someone else.  We like to think that we are captains of our own ship, that we are in control.  But sometimes this is not the case.  There are times in our lives when we feel  sick or weak or vulnerable and we need others to walk with us and help to hold us up.


 You are never too old to “go home”.  Let someone else take care of you.  It is one of life’s greatest gifts, both for you and for them.



3 thoughts on “Going Home

  1. Being home with my parents is great. In fact, that is how I spent my Saturday night. I take all the chances I get because I know there will come a time when I will wish that I was having dinner and watching The Bee Gees in concert with them.

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