How To Bring About A Revolution Of The Heart

I just named my newly adopted Haitian street dog Dorothy Day. Having read her autobiography, The Long Loneliness, many years ago, I decided to google some of her writings.  One quote struck me:  “The greatest challenge of the day is:  how to bring about a revolution of the heart.”

I write this post more to hear your thoughts on the answer to the above question than to hear my own.  The following ideas are only a fraction of the universe of possible responses.  Please let me (and others) know your thoughts on how to bring about a revolution of the heart.

Some points of departure:

  • Prayer and solitude – Listen for the quiet voice of God within.  Read the scriptures.  Read the spiritual writers you love. Me, I turn to Thomas Merton, Oscar Romero, Henri Nouwen, Dorothy Day and Thich Nhat Hahn.
  • Live and work with the poor – not just the financially poor, but the spiritually poor, the mentally poor, the emotionally poor.
  • Reflect on the journey – write, write, write.  Journal every day.
  • Spend time in nature.  Watch the yellow and rose and orange spread across the sky at sunrise.  Celebrate the bright pink flower balls of the Mimi tree in January, and witness the Flamboyants turn red in July. Listen to the wind rustle through the bougainvillea at dusk.
  • Offer silent intentions as part of your prayer rituals.  Never underestimate the power of prayer for others – those we know and those we do not.
  • Spend time in solitude – meditation – whatever allows you to escape the worries and concerns of the future, as well as the frustrations of the past.  Breathe in the now.
  • Surround yourself with love – for and from yourself and others. For in the end, the only answer really is love.

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