Why I Love The Irish

Yesterday I celebrated St. Patricks Day in Haiti at a Brazilian restaurant with Italian, British, French, Haitian, American, and of course Irish friends.  There is something about the Irish, and St. Paddy’s Day in particular, that brings people together.  How fun to celebrate the joys of Ireland, my ancestry, St.Patrick, and a people I love.  … Continue reading

Mama C

Ninety is the new sixty.  At least for my grandma, “Mama C”.   She turned 90 on February 17, 2012 surrounded by her children, grandchildren and great grandchildren.  What a celebration this was!  Initially, we thought we would have a huge bash with all of her friends.  Instead, she opted for a dinner party with family … Continue reading

Ash Wednesday

I went to Ash Wednesday mass at my sister’s amazing and wonderfully welcoming parish, St. Peter’s, in Charlotte.  I was soothed by the familiar Lenten scriptures, both what was read and in the songs.    “Is this not the fast which I choose, To loosen the bonds of wickedness, To undo the bands of the yoke, And … Continue reading

Going Home

    You are never “too old” to go home.    I have a nasty parasite that was resistant to the first drug that my doctor prescribed.  So I am taking Flagyl, a drug so strong you can not drink alcohol for 48 hours after stopping treatment.  On the trip home from Port-au-Prince to Miami … Continue reading

Kari Noel Egge

When God created Kari Noel Egge, God was having a really good day.  Our dear friend Kari passed away this Saturday surrounded by her family in Minnesota.  But this blog post is not about her death, but her life.  I met Kari 12 years ago. She was my first boss at CRS-Haiti. I was the … Continue reading

For the Ancestors

In Haiti, when you pour a glass of rum with your friends, you splash a little on the floor “for the ancestors.”  Celebrating our ancestors reminds us of who we are and where we come from.  I have been in Florida for the last three days with my Aunt Betsy and Uncle Wayne.  We have … Continue reading

Haiti: Remembering January 12th

Haiti:  Remembering January 12th To survive in Haiti, one must possess an untold capacity for holding great sorrow and immense joy – often at the exact same time.  You see, in Haiti, emotions are raw, cut to the bone, an arrow to the heart. One cannot remain unmoved.  Haitian art, too – holds the darkness … Continue reading

Everyday Saints

I, too, often get the “you are a saint” comment. Pere Tom worked for years in Cite Soleil, what is hands down Haiti’s poorest and probably most dangerous neighborhood.  When all of the other NGOs (mine included) pulled out of Cite Soleil because of uncontrollable gang violence, Pere Tom continued to run his schools, build … Continue reading

The Interim Time

Sometimes in our lives, we traverse what I like to call the “interim” time.  This can be many things – between relationships, between jobs, or at the ending of something significant, such as a graduation or a retirement.  The interim time is never easy.  I remember when I moved back to the United States after … Continue reading